Pm Kisan offline form, PM Kisan Application Form PDF

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If you want an updated PM Kisan application form PDF format, you can download it through the link below. Moreover, you will also find the right way to fill up the form and list of documents required to apply for the PM kisan registration. 

Before downloading the PM Kisan registration formread the eligibility criteria and complete the procedure. We are sharing the links below to download the Hindi and English versions of the PM Kisan form pdf format.

The Pradhan Mantri Saman Nindhi Scheme is highly productive and financially supports the Agriculture associated workforce. India is one of the developing countries and, having a large portion of its economy linked to agriculture is working out strategies to eradicate the problems of farmers. Therefore, the PM scheme was initiated after detailed research and analyzing the ground realities.

How PM Kisan Scheme Works

A farmer who owns the land of less than 2 hectares gets an annual stipend of 6000 INR in 3 installments to meet the farming expenses. For ease of registration procedure government has created online and offline channels to verify the applicants and withdraw funds accordingly.

Eligibility Criteria to Apply for PM Kisan Scheme

One must meet the eligibility criteria to apply and become a scheme beneficiary.

  • Must be an Indian national
  • Have verified registration documents of the cultivable land
  • A family (wife, husband, children) must own cultivable land of less than 2 hectares.
  • The land should not undergo ownership change ( except for one deceased and inherited property)
  • Exclusion Criteria-Not Eligible for PM Kisan Scheme
  • The one who falls into any or multiple categories is not eligible to apply for the PM Kisan scheme.

    • Encroachers/Tenants entered in Dag Chitra are not eligible to apply for PM Kisan yojana.
    • An immediate family member (husband/wife/children) holder of constitutional posts
    • Government employees ( except grade-IV employees)
    • Pensioner Governments employees with more than 10,000 INR monthly pension
    • White collar job holders like Doctors, Engineers, lawyers, and Architects undertake practices.
    • Income Taxpayer ( assessment based on last year’s records)

    • How to Fill up the PM Kisan Application Form

      Documents Required

      • Latest Jamabandi
      • Adhar Enrollment number or Adhar Number
      • In the absence of an Adhar card, Driving license, Voter’s ID card, NREGA job card
      • Bank Details ( Bank Name/ Account number/ IFSC code etc.)
      • 1 passport-size photo

      Sections of PM Kisan Application Form

      1. The form has 19 Sections to be filled by the applicant, with one undertaking and verification section for Officials and authorized offices.
      2. The form must be filled by the direct applicant or on behalf of the applicant, ensuring the applicant completely abides by the procedure and withholds about the application.
      3. You can download the recent PM Kisan form pdf file and print it on A4 white papers. Populate each field with accurate information. One must ensure to enter the exact name mentioned on the Adhar card or ID card, as a change in the applicant’s name spell can cause application rejection.
      4. Add the registered family details as mentioned on the farm. Paste one fresh passport-size photo on the top section.
      5. Before filling up the 18th section, “Details of Collective land Holdings, you may have to take assistance from property dealers and patta dar of the land.
      6. Bank details shared must be current and in the Name of the direct beneficiary. The transactions are on an installment basis and via bank channels.

      Self  Declaration Section

    • Once you have provided the details, thoroughly read the eligibility criteria and mark all boxes with “ No.” You may proceed to the Self-declaration section stating all the above information mentioned is accurate. And consent to allow government authorities to verify your data with your Adhar card records. Any misconduct from the applicant’s ward will be punishable according to the rule of the land.
    • PM Kisan Registration Form Verification

      After completing the form, the applicant must take the document to a government official of 16 grade or above. After verifying the documents, attach the supportive documents given below.

      • Landholding papers
      • Aadhaar card
      • Valid mobile number
      • Bank passbook copy
      • Citizenship certificate

      After verification, you have to submit the form to the nearby offices of the CSC center. One can directly submit the documents or post them to the address through the National Post Office department.

      PM Kisan Form Online Registration Process

      You can apply online through the PM Kisan official portal to register for the PM Kisan Scheme. Here is a step-by-step procedure to apply.

      • Open the official website ( of the PM-Kisan scheme
      • Click on the ‘Farmers Corner’ tab on the homepage and select the ‘New Farmer Registration’ option from the dropdown menu.
      • Select your state > district > sub-district from the drop-down list on the registration page
      • Populate your Aadhaar or bank account numbers, along with the IFSC code.
      • Click on the ‘Get Data’ button. Your name and other details will appear on the screen if your Aadhaar/bank account is linked to your mobile number. Verify the data and proceed.
      • If the data is correct, click on the ‘Continue’ button. If you still need to, you must visit and update your Aadhaar details at the nearest Aadhaar center or bank.
      • Fill in the required details in the application form, including your personal, bank, and land details.
      • Scan and upload all the required documents, like your Aadhaar card,  land ownership documents, and bank passbook.
      • Finally, click the ‘Submit’ button to complete the application process.
      • After applying, you will receive a reference number. You may track the status of your application using the reference number on the PM-Kisan website.

      Once you receive a confirmation message your application is approved. You will become a direct beneficiary of the PM-Kisan scheme benefits directly in your bank account. It is important to ensure that all the information in the application form is accurate and up-to-date to avoid delays or rejections in receiving the benefits.

      Read this article for the complete pm kisan registration process.


      The article highlights the key features of the PM-Kisan scheme, including its eligibility criteria, payment structure, and registration process. It also includes guidelines and instructions on downloading the PM Kisan Form PDF and filling it out correctly.

      In conclusion, the PM-Kisan Registration Form is a crucial document for farmers who want to avail themselves of the benefits of the PM-Kisan scheme. It is a simple yet effective tool that helps farmers register for the scheme and receive financial assistance from the government. Therefore, farmers must ensure that they fill out the form correctly and submit it on time to reap the scheme’s benefits.

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